September 28th

Saturday September 28th, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I got up pretty early for Robert has not gotten back from Mombasa yet.  I got last night’s dishes organized for John to help me with.  I went over to the Tigoni store and got a roast to cook for tonight.  I made two banana puddings.  We went to Alan’s ball game at Alliance High School.  Alliance won 1-0.  They got their goal in the last few minutes.  R.V.A. had several which were almost in, but they just couldn’t seem to get one in.  Alan didn’t come home with us for supper.  Naturally we were disappointed, but understand that he would enjoy riding the bus with his girl and the other players.  I cooked up a lot of food, so we will have to eat it tomorrow.  When we got home, we saw that the Bateman’s had not left to take Dina and Tara back so I sent Alan’s black pants, white shirt, bow ties, clean blue jeans, and some cinnamon rolls.  I was glad that I was able to send them by someone.  M.G. didn’t feel very good he seems to be getting a bad cold.

Mom was expecting Alan to bring himself and a bunch of hungry RVA’ers home with him tonight so she started to prepare the feast.  This included one banana pudding for here and one for the road.  I think one of the reasons they would let Alan come and eat at home was because they knew we would invite some extras to join in the festivities.

R.V.A. fell to Alliance today much to the surprise of Mom who could not believe that any team could beat Alan’s team.  I am sure this confidence was based on sound knowledge of the other teams skill set and not just because Alan played on the Rift’s squad.  Right! Mom was just like every mother whose son plays ball anywhere in the world.  How could those other people’s sons dare to defeat my son in a fair game?  The refs must be blind or something.

Alan chooses to ride back on a bus load of sweaty guys just so he could sit next to his girlfriend at the time.  In doing this he knowingly bypasses a meal at Mom’s!  There are some mysteries that even today I cannot understand, however if I were to be given that chance there can be no doubt where mealtime would find me.

Don’t feel bad for Alan though because it looks like he received a care package via the Bateman’s anyway.

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