September 27th

Saturday September 27th, 1975
Limuru and Kijabe, Kenya
Today was Senior Store day at Kijabe.  Robert and I made 461 doughnuts.  They sold them for 929 shillings.  They gave Robert 50 shillings for making them.  Alan and Marlene fried onion rings.  It rained about lunch time, but cleared up around 2 o’clock.  Mrs. Rhea brought up a freezer of ice cream and we ate some of it.

Senior Store was a fundraiser for the senior class.  The money that was generated from the store helped offset the cost of our senior trip.  Looks like Alan’s class made a pretty good haul off doughnuts for the day.

Alan and his girlfriend manned the deep fat fryer and cooked up any fried food for the day.  I am sure this led to quite the greasy hair problem for both of them.

Rain did not dampen the consumption of the non-RVA food much at all.  Any time us starving M.K.’s got a chance to eat any food besides dining hall vittles we took it.

I am willing to bet Alan’s class could have really cashed in if the homemade ice cream hit the auction block!

1 thought on “September 27th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    My grandmother used to have a freezer just like that! I am so thankful that she gave me all her recipes……..and that my freezer is electric!!

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