September 26th

Sunday September 26th, 1982
Knoxville, Tennessee
This morning as soon as I finished my breakfast I shampooed my hair for I wanted to get it done before I entered the hospital this afternoon.  We went to Andersonville to church.  Pam, the pastor’s wife sang a solo.  After church we walked across the street to look at a man’s rose garden.   We had lunch at Dad and Mom’s place.  Virg, Charlotte, Bill, Venice, B.J., Mary Nell, Jack, Carl, Helen, and Virginia Sue were all there.  Virg, Charlotte, Bill, Venice, B.J., and Mary Nell left to go to the fair.  Virginia Sue is entering Fort Sanders hospital today to have her thumb operated on.  M.G. stayed here at the hospital until 6:45pm and then he left to go to church with Ken and out to eat afterwards.  They got blood twice tonight-once in the regular place and the other near my wrist.

Mom, like most women always wanted to look her best.  I know that if I were going to the hospital washing my hair would be very low on the “to do” list for the day.

Going to church was a habit in our family.  I can remember many times Dad saying to us kids, “No, you don’t have to go to church, you get to go!”  Mom knew she was going into the hospital that afternoon and even though there were many things to get done she did not neglect to meet with her Christian brothers and sisters.  Even I can figure out the less than subtle lesson here.

True to Mom’s nature she writes more about her brother’s wife and her thumb than she does about her own battle with cancer.  Dad and I went out to church and then to get a bite.  I am sure Mom told us to go ahead because she would be fine.

What Mom did not write down was that the nurse woke her up to see if she was sleeping before she stuck her each time.  I have never understood why they do this in a hospital.  Who besides Dracula needs anyone’s blood at 2:00am?

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