September 25th

Sunday September 25th, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning we went to Sunday school and church, and on the way we saw a Hindu parade.  M.G. made several slides of it.  Shelia told us this morning that she would not accept the job as librarian at the school for she had no way of transportation.  We were sorry that she did not follow through with it for it would have been good experience for her.  We had a visitor in our services from Dallas, Texas.  He is out here with the space program.  We had a film tonight, “The Transfiguration” afterwards we allowed the boys to ask questions about the film.  They asked one or two rather intelligent ones.  We announced our goal of 400 shillings to be reached in the next two Sundays.

Dad always had a camera at the ready.  That is the reason he has so many good slides today.  This is a double edged sword though because who uses slides in the PowerPoint era?

Shelia ended up becoming very successful in her career choice.  I don’t recall what that career was but remembering her visiting us later in our stay in Kenya.  Sometimes God’s plans and ours don’t match up.

It is nice to know that the people that are responsible for sending folks into space have enough commitment to attend church in a foreign land.  I don’t know it the boys Mom mentioned were Alan and I or not but the fact that we asked intelligent questions ruled out at least one of the two mentioned.

Stretching to reach a goal is part of God’s design for us.  The mark of 400 shillings was a big stretch for that day.  But as Robert Frost would say, “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for?”

1 thought on “September 25th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    My boys make fun of me all the time for carrying a camera everywhere we go. I told them that one day they would appreciate it…………not so sure about that, but it sounded good at the time.

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