September 22nd

Thursday September 22nd, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went down to Mimosa for him to show me how to get to church by a new route.  The water is still too deep to go the regular route.  Then we came by the chicken place and got 13 chickens, 6 of them was for Margie Bateman.  This afternoon I went to Mimosa for the women’s meeting.  I visited with James wife Ester for awhile.  She helped me with the program.   I didn’t get home until nearly 7 o’clock.  M.G., Daniel, and Samuel went out to Mirathu for some teaching in the church.  I went to our station Bible study at the Jones’s house at 8 o’clock.  M.G. came just as it was over.  We got a letter from Mom today telling us that California beat U.T. 28-10.  Also told us that Alan dressed out but didn’t get to play.  Still no letter from Alan.

Mom was never a good map reader.  Whenever we would travel she was the first choice to hand the directions too.  That honor usually fell to me.  However if you showed her the way she was pretty good about remembering the direction back home.

I don’t know if these were live chickens or not.  I imagine that they were deceased and we had just found a good deal on them in bulk.

Looks like Mom made it to Mimosa and back without incident.

Then she was off to Bible study at our neighbor’s house.  Dad got in late so he had to settle for Mom’s interpretation of the Scriptures.  As always this was entertaining and enlightening all at the same time.

No letter from the firstborn son in the USA.  She did not have long to wait for new though because his posts arrived later that week.

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