September 21st

Tuesday September 21st, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning the Stickney’s borrowed our truck to move their ayah.  Bonnie Turner came out to cut a dress pattern from one of mine.  Also she and I laid out a skirt pattern for me.  This afternoon I went to Muchatha to the women’s meeting.  At first I stopped by Banana Hill for I was not sure where the meeting was to be held.  There were only 5 women present.  They insisted that I still needed to bring one more tablecloth.  One of the women form Muchatha brought some material and wanted me to measure her for a dress pattern and to help her make one.  Tonight I had the Ken Hubbard’s and the Harold Cummins for supper.  Lisa and Lana rode home from school on the Limuru bus.

This goes to prove there is at least one rule that holds true the world over.  It is always good to know someone who owns a truck.

I don’t know what topics Mom and Bonnie talked about whilst in the midst of dressmaking but I would guess they discussed how bright and clever that Ken was.  Do you still rank brilliance by percentile when you are 11?

Mom and maps have never gone well together.  However she ended up in Banana Hill so that is where she held her meeting.  Necessity being the mother of invention and all, it looks like it was a good thing she and Bonnie had that impromptu practice session this morning because she put it to good use that afternoon.

We had guests for supper that night and the Hubbard’s girls caught a ride on our school van.  Their folks did not make them take a “matatu” out to the Hill!

1 thought on “September 21st

  1. Rebecca McBride

    Bob McBride is the “man with a truck” in our neighborhood! That would be Big Bob and not Bobby. Most of the staff at Church have borrowed “Brownie” from time to time. Great for hauling furniture, mulch, etc.

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