September 19th

Sunday September 19th, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
We went to Sunday school and Church this morning.  We had some rain on the way, but it cleared up late in the morning.  During the morning worship service another religious group went marching by our church beating on musical instruments.  For lunch today we had chicken and rice which we enjoyed very much.  Craig came over and played with the boys this afternoon.  Then we took him home and had coke and cookies with Virginia and Tom.  Marshall Phillips and Jim Houser came by for a few minutes.  We saw Simeon and family going for a walk and he had a suit and top hat on and was carrying a huge red transistor radio.

When was the last time you were in church here in the US and another group come by beating musical instruments.  They would probably have a hard time being heard because we are beating our own instruments inside the building.  I enjoy contemporary services every now and again but I must be honest that like my Mom I lean toward the old gospel hymns.  I think we do the young people of today a disservice by not letting them experience gospel music of yesteryear.

I am sure Alan and I was happy to ride with Mom and Dad on Craig’s return trip because we knew food and fellowship were in the offing.

Our house helper Simeon was way ahead of the curve.  Here he was carrying a boom box 30 years before they were cool.  However Simeon was not break dancing in that top hat and suit.

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