September 18th

Thursday September 18th, 1969
Nairobi, Kenya
Today the workmen came to put the extra faucets in for our washer.  I let them use the “dolly” to move the washer and they were amazed at how it worked.  I had the Hills and the Pearce family for supper.  I had baked duck, dressing, gravy, Brussels sprouts, pineapple and carrot Jell-O, whole wheat rolls and homemade ice cream

The wisdom of Archimedes imparted by Margie Duncan, I think I have heard everything now!  I would have loved to hear Mom explain the principle of the lever to these workmen.  Since our washer got installed and worked for many years to come she must have done a great job explaining how to use this wonder of mechanics.  I can hear Dad now, “Honey, it’s just a matter of physics.”

Mom ended the day with her strength.  Having eaten at her table before I know the Hill’s and the Pearce’s came away well satisfied from their repast.

1 thought on “September 18th

  1. Cindy

    Now tell me, did you actually eat carrot Jell-0?

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