September 16th

Friday September 16th, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
This first thing this morning M.G. and I counted all the church money and took it to deposit.  On the way to town we stopped at the high school and paid Dixon, the African pastor.  We took a form to the bank with us that we thought would entitle me to begin as the new treasurer of the Church.  We found that we needed Bob’s signature so we filled out another one and went back to the high school.  This is not unusual out here for you to have to make three or four trips to accomplish one thing.  I still didn’t hear from Mama today.  Robert, our yard boy, had problems with the African who had stolen his stove, clothes, etc.  He is out of jail now and was trying to accuse Robert of stealing chickens from him.


This was evidently Mom’s first stint as treasurer of the Church here.  Just so you know she got the money late Thursday evening.  Patience is one of the main requirements of mission work.  I don’t know how it is in other countries but in Kenya nothing gets done quickly.  Just like God is teaching me through Mom’s daily musings he was teaching her through real life experience.  Patience, turns out is a good attribute for any person to have regardless of where they call home.  By the way He’s still working on me!


If I had been Robert I would have had a problem with the guy also.  From the way Mom tells the story this guy was trying to shift some blame to another so the law would get their eyes off him.

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