September 15th

Tuesday September 15th, 1981
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went to Gikuni to teach Bible.  Soon after he left two Kenya men came wanting to buy tires.  I missed Ken when I first got up for I had left the dirty dishes on the table.  Then when I went into the bathroom there laid his dirty socks and underwear.  Later in the morning I found his note that he had written to me.  I spent some time today working on his room.  I was putting away things that he had left.  We got letters today from Alan and Andrea, Mom, the Lingenfelters, and Jo Von Bryan.  Mary Horton came by right after lunch and gave me 1 ½ dozen eggs and a big cauliflower.  Later in the day Ed came.  He was needing a part for his washing machine.  Tonight we went with them to eat at the Hong-Kong.  We came home and had ice cream.

I guess after busting on my brother yesterday I needed a little payback.  I just did not expect it to come so soon.  I had left for the USA the night before so Mom and Dad had come home and hit the sack.  Dad went off to teach Bible study and Mom stayed behind to clean up the chaos that always accompanies overseas trips.  I wish I could say that the dirty undergarments and such were part of an elaborate plan that lead to the finding of the sweet note penned by the youngest son.  However, reality and realism demand that I confess that then and to some extent now I am a slob.  Former roommates and present wife should not comment on just how much of a slob I am.  Suffice it to say that once I won the cleanest room award during the semester and the very next semester succeeded in having the nastiest domicile in the dorm.  I prefer to think that I was being Biblical and following the command to be hot or cold.  Wait that is hot or cold not hot and cold!

If you remember reading about Mary Horton (See entry for August 24th) and the hard time she had seeing her daughter leave you will understand how she came and comforted Dad and Mom on my departure.  It is hard to believe how fast the years have flown since I last set foot on Kenyan soil.

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