September 13th

Wednesday September 13th, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
Today is the first full day that I have had at home since mission meeting.  I washed my hair, made rolls, brownies, and prepared supper for Russ Stroud and two men off the Robin Grey ship.  One was from Philadelphia, PA and the other from California.  Both smoked cigarettes constantly.  Today’s paper had quite a bit about the mass exodus of Asians for Kenya going to Britain.  They hold British passports.  One of the men from the ship gave us some bologna.

Since Mombasa was a port town we were always entertaining American seamen.  Turns out the Robin Grey later gained some notoriety in the Vietnam conflict.  If I wore a hat, I would take it off for these fine men of the merchant marine.

Mom was not too impressed with their consumption of cigarettes and I am sure she was her usual polite hostess even though they smoked.  I was told that later in our stay in Kenya I asked Mom why we had ashtrays in the house if we did not want people to smoke.  Mom and Dad must have taken my question as a sign from above because to this day you will not find an ashtray in any of the Duncan abodes.

I vaguely remember some of our Asian friends leaving Kenya around this time but I really don’t know why they were going.  If any of my readers can shed some light on the subject feel free to do so.

Mom didn’t let the amount of smoke deter her from free bologna.  This must be where I learned to never turn down anything that is free.  Always say “Thank you!” and accept the gift.

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