September 12th

Tuesday September 12th, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went into town.  I stopped at Gena Hampton’s house for prayer meeting.  Nancy Jones, Hazel Snyder, and Beulah Hooper were there.  The Norman Wood family came in from furlough.  I rode down town with Nancy from Gena’s house.  I met M.G. at the 680 Hotel.  Then we went to the Hong-Kong for lunch.  Nancy joined us later.  We didn’t get home until 5:00pm.  My feet were so tired.  We went to Bible study tonight at the Kirkpatricks house.  Judy Bodenhamer was the leader.  Roslind had made a cake for Judy and Nancy since both had birthdays this week.  We saw Carlos and Debra Owens in town.  Debra didn’t make the choir this year, so she was sad about that.

Dad and Mom most likely left for town fairly early so Mom could get the Bible study.  Evidently it was a women’s Bible study so Dad went on into town to finish up some stuff before Mom joined him.

Having been to the 680 Hotel I understand why they lunched at the Hong-Kong.

Parking was always scarce in Nairobi so once you got a spot you tended to walk to all your destinations.  Gas being almost $3.00 per gallon also contributed to Mom’s weary feet.

When you are on the mission field your fellow missionaries become your family.  Bible studies and Birthdays, Church and Cookouts, and Witnessing and weekends naturally went well together.

Being a member of my high school choir was a pretty big deal.  Tryouts were held at the beginning of the school year and auditions were tough.  Once you made the choir you were able to enjoy all the perks that went along with the job.  Cool trips, extra time off campus, and sometimes better food were all part of the singing gig.  I know all this sounded right up my alley, but I cannot count a singing voice among my many blessings.  Alas, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket!

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