September 10th

Saturday September 10th, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Ken rode in from Kijabe with the Boyds.  Sammie Harrell decided not to go back to Kijabe, so his Dad went up to pick up his things.  Ken was telling us that he was chosen as chairman for the program at their banquet.  It will be second term this time. Also, he is going to teach 4 and 5 year olds in Sunday school.  He was asked to manage the 1st team soccer, but he refused for he said that it was too boring.  Tonight Margie Bateman and Lari came down to look at “The Little House on the Prairie”.  After we went to bed tonight we heard the Pittsburgh and Notre Dame on the Armed Forces Radio.

The move to R.V.A. was not always an easy one.  I guess everyone had their days that they got homesick.  I guess I always thought that if those “titches” (This is what we called kids in grades 1-6.) in first grade could make it I had better not wimp out as a high school student.

Our Junior/Senior banquet was similar to prom here in the US.  The junior class prepared the facility, meal, and the entertainment.  The theme for our year was “The Gay Nineties” as in 1890’s.  The opening number was a Lawrence Welkish type motif with various members of our class singing, “Roll out the Barrel”.  I appeared about midway through the song rolling out a 55 gal drum that was supposed to look heavy.  The only problem with the plan was I had to barrel turned so the audience could see it was empty.  This bit got a good laugh anyway so I guess mission accomplished.

“The Little House on the Prairie” was one of Mom’s favorite shows.  I think she got hooked on it in Kenya.  This was not a difficult thing to do being as the rest of the night’s television was either Tribal dancing or British humor.  As to hearing the Pittsburgh game Mom most likely heard the first 5 minutes and that was that.

2 thoughts on “September 10th

  1. Cindy

    That is my man!

  2. Rebecca McBride

    R.T. loves the picture! Kenny in charge……….now why don’t I find that hard to believe? I am so glad to know that your Mom was a fellow “Little House….” fan. We were talking about the barter system in 4th grade Social Studies today and I mentioned the Olson’s Mercantile from Little House. Most of the students were clueless, so I told them they had until Friday to find an episode on TVLand and watch it. They thought I was crazy assigning them to watch TV!

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