September 9th

Thursday September 9th, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went into Nairobi to get a tetanus shot.  He cut his finger two days ago and had not gotten one yet.  I worked on the sewing for Kentmere, and when I went at 4 o’clock I forgot to take thread and needles.  I went over to a little duka and bought some even though it was not the right color.  Tonight I put some tint on my hair for the first time.  It turned out good.  I fixed a pair of Alan’s old blue jeans into bell-bottoms by sewing a piece in each side.  The Carrolls left this morning for Jinja.  Some men from Mahinga were supposed to come today, but they didn’t show up.  We got a letter from Mrs. Shaw today with Kool-Aid, Frito’s, and used clothes.

The Duncan family must have kept the people who make tetanus shots in business.  Today Dad was the lucky member of the clan to be inoculated.

“Dukas” or small stores are located all over Kenya.  You never really know what you will find from week to week in these outposts of capitalism.  On one hunting trip when we were out about 50 miles from nowhere one of these stores had shelves’ full of American Kool-Aid.  It seems the Maasai did not like this treat.  It could have been because they did not know how to read English and were not putting any sugar in the mix.  The store owner said they were just eating it right out of the packet.

Mom buys some color back for her hair and Alan gets some recycled jeans.  Who says missionaries can’t live the high life.

Topping the day off was a care package from Mrs. Shaw.  Perhaps the best prize of the letter was the Frito’s.  This humble corn chip was a much sought after delicacy in Kenya.  Dad and I even tried to make some but failed for lack of Massa flour.

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