September 8th

Monday September 8th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
Today for lunch I made shrimp thermidor.  Right after lunch George Karanja, our Kenya student from Arusha, came by to see us.  He was wanting to pick up his check for his school fees.  He is supposed to return to the seminary on Saturday.  This afternoon at 4 o’clock I went to Kibubuti to meet with the women.  I had five who came although 2 left early.  One of them was a young girl who asked me to bring her an English book the nest time that I come.  The last time I was there she asked me to bring her child a pair of socks.  Today Stephanie called her parents to come for her to bring her home.  She thinks she can’t make it at R.V.A. without her folks.  I saw the new Curp baby for the first time.

My Mom’s cooking was the stuff of legend.  Dad supposedly has her thermidor recipe and I will try to get him to give it to me so I can share it here.

Our family evidently sponsored George in school.  Dad was always a “teach a man to fish” type guy so when the opportunity arose to help someone learn we were always for it.

The Africans were never bashful about asking for things and when we had something that might help them more often than not we would give it to them.  However, we learned very quickly that you had to give them ownership in some way or they would not value the gift or the giver.  This is very true of most people even here in the states.

Having been homesick at R.V.A., I understand Stephanie’s plight.  On one hand you want to be all grown up and on the other you want to stay a kid.  Her folks probably had a good talk with her and she decided to take a shot at the “Rift”.  This was one small step that would prepare her for taking the larger step of traveling to America for school.  I hate to admit it but the older I get the smarter my folks become.

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