September 7th

Thursday September 7th, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
Today we continued in the Discipleship Seminar.  It has been very helpful to me and convicted me that I need to study my Bible more and to witness.  So I’m promising the Lord to do more with his help.  We got a letter from Alan today.  He said that at the moment he was the No. 1 kicker.  Too, our missionary friends called us from Mombasa and had just talked to their folks in Tennessee.  They had talked to Alan and he was coming to their house for the week-end and to speak in their church.  Also said that Alan had kicked well in a scrimmage game.

When I remember my Mom she was never the person that had to promise the Lord to be more involved in His work.  Growing up all my memories of her involved her studying her Bible and being an active witness to those around her in word or deed.  When I read this passage in her diary I was reminded that we all recognize the need to grow when He convicts us.  God does not call us to be a better than someone else, He calls us to be the best we can be through Him!  Mom recognized that early in her life and I would be well served to learn that lesson also.

I know Mom and Dad were proud that Alan was doing so well on the football field.  But you can bet that they were just as pleased if not more that he was giving his time to speak on Christ’s behalf during the week-end.  Because they knew what Alan and I know now that fame is fleeting but those who are changed for Christ continue for eternity.

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