September 6th

Friday September 6th, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. met with his preachers.  Ken and Larry got up for breakfast about 9:20am.  Robert and I went to the Limuru market.  There was a big wedding party there getting their pictures made and I could hardly get around on the street.  Ken got his moccasins finished today, and they were very good.  He made them from an old wildebeest skin that had some holes in it.  I fried shrimp for lunch and they were very good.  Ken and Larry really enjoyed them.  I sent Alan some food by Nancy Jones.

Larry was one of my best friends in middle school.  They were fellow missionaries from another denomination.

Once the Africans get over their initial fright of the camera they like us really like to have their picture made.  I am not sure why the happy couple chose the vegetable market to showcase these lasting memories.  However, I’m sure they enjoyed pointing out “Auntie Jane” standing by the bananas in later years.

Well if I ever need a fallback job looks like I have the hang of moccasins.  As I remember the soles were not thick enough to walk on rough gravel but you could really sneak through the woods in them.

We must have been on a long weekend so we got to enjoy hot home cooked food while Alan had to make do with leftovers.  I have mentioned before that leftovers from anywhere beat R.V.A. dining hall food hands down.

1 thought on “September 6th

  1. Cindy

    You didn’t tell me you could make shoes! Think of all the money we would have saved over the past 20 years.

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