September 5th

Tuesday September 5th, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning I went to the high school at 8 o’clock to meet with M.G.’s classes since he had to take our car to the garage.  I got along much better than I expected.  This afternoon the Laffoon boys came to play with Kenny.  Then the whole family had supper with us.  The African girl who spent the night with us was very slow getting to the breakfast table.  She ate well, but did very little talking.

I don’t know what Mom did in Dad’s classes but she must have done it well.  Dad taught in the English speaking high school when we first got to Africa because at that time he was too old to learn the language.  Somewhere along the way in our first term they discovered the fountain of youth because on our second term they both had to learn Swahili.

This was the start of a great friendship with the Laffoon’s.  Their son Eric and I became fast friends and even roomed together at R.V.A.  This however did not last too long because like Felix and Oscar I was the slob in the “Odd Couple”.

I am sure the young girl was speechless because she had never seen people throw down the groceries like the Duncan boys!

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