September 2nd

Thursday September 2nd, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
Well, we finally got four more of our crates unloaded.  It was good to see our things again.  The inside of our refrigerator was damaged slightly, three pieces of the lazy susan was broken, and a lamp shade torn up.  Also a hole was punched in the Kool-aid “Pitcher” that the boys had.  Virginia and Dorsie came over to see the house.  I found things that I had forgotten I owned.  We slept in our house tonight without lights for the power company has to put another pole in before we can use our stove.

This was our first day in our new house in Mombasa.  We arrived in Kenya on April 2nd and today we actually had a place to call home.

I always remember getting our crates from the US.  It was just like Christmas for us kids because like Mom we had forgotten most of what we had packed in them six months prior.  Another lesson begs to be mentioned here, this is the one about what is really important.  Alan and I only have so much room in the crate and we decide to use some of that precious space to pack a Kool-aid pitcher.  One small problem they don’t import much Kool-aid in Kenya.  Also this “priceless” urn now has a hole in it and now cannot be used for its intended purpose.  You only get today; as you “pack” your crate for the afterlife, make sure to include what is really important.

I am sure that Mom thought spending the night in a house with no electricity was not going to be the norm for Kenya.  Time will tell us this was an incorrect assumption.

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