August 31st


Wednesday August 31, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Ken went to town with Sammie and Ralph Harrell.  I looked a bunch of greens from the garden and got them on to cook at 12:30pm.  This afternoon I made a lemon ice box pie.  Tonight we had the Jones family for supper.  I fixed Mexican food.  The American U.N. ambassador Andrew Young is here in Nairobi now.  There was an article in today’s paper about elephants at Ngulia Safari Lodge digging up the main water pipeline.  They are doing this even though there are two water holes in front of the lodge.

Mom was cooking greens in the house and that meant one thing, get out quick.  I love to eat greens but they can sure give the kitchen a weird aroma.  I am trying to figure out how the greens worked into the Mexican food we had for supper that night.  Maybe she was making them for another meal.

The Jones family where our next door neighbors in Limuru, their two boys and Alan and I spent many an afternoon playing in the surrounding forests and tea fields.  Some of my fondest memories were our weekly games of “hide and seek” usually played at the Jones’s house.  They had a huge front porch that we used as home during the games.  The only drawback to these nocturnal events was the ever present danger of safari ants.

These ants measure anywhere from less than one half inch to three quarters of an inch long, all of them are armed with powerful pinchers.  Once you got into the ant trail the only thing you could do is strip down to your skivvies and run for the house.  This hazard added extra spice to our weekly gatherings, and was always good for a laugh if you weren’t the one being bitten!

1 thought on “August 31st

  1. Jason Harrell

    I am trying to learn some more about who Raplh Harrell is or was. Do you know how I could learn more about him? I have some friends that work at Brachenhurst and some others from my church that have visited there and mentioned there is a Harrell Tea Room down there which is named I think after Ralph and Rosalind Harrell. I live in Houston, Tx. Thanks, Jason

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