August 30th

Sunday August 30th, 1981
Limuru, Kenya
This morning when we woke up the electricity was off so I cooked breakfast on the camp stove.  It didn’t come back on until about 10:30am as we were leaving for church at Uttum which is near the road that leads down to R.V.A.  They didn’t know that we were coming.  M.G. ended up preaching a short sermon and Ken did 3 magic tricks for them.  He used some of the children so this really thrilled them.  We left at 12:00pm and went on our way to Naivasha where we were to meet Jim and Thelma Robinson for a picnic lunch.  The Jim tried to get Bostick’s boat to run but was unable.  Tonight Harry Garvin preached at the English 6:00pm service.  We didn’t get Charlie on the ham tonight.

The Ad for this boat tool said it had all the tools you need to work on your boat.  I think the only one I would know how to use was the bottle opener!

If God told you everything you would have to learn to do beforehand most of us would refuse the honor.  Life on the mission field was great and I know Mom had no regrets about offering herself on His alter.  However, having to step back into the early 1900’s to cook breakfast over the camp stove might have caused her to question her resolve.  She kept up her usual cherry attitude and just learned to accept God’s will no matter the circumstances.

Dad and I tag teamed the morning service at the local church.  He delivered the road map to salvation and I brought in the “pony show”.  I have said before that God will use any talent you give to Him.  I continue to thank Christ for letting me participate in even a small way in the process of leading someone to Him.

The picnic went ok at the lake but I am sure that both families’s needed to attend the evening service after fooling with a stubborn boat all afternoon.  There are several things that can cause me to demonstrate less that good behavior and working on combustion engines is one of them.  God once again puts his children through mountains and valleys to temper them into warriors for his cause!

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