August 28th

Thursday August 28th, 1969
Limuru, Kenya
We had our regular meetings this morning.  This afternoon was a free afternoon.  I played my tennis match and beat 6-2.  Jane Holloway and Jenny Musen beat Betty Whitson and me.  Tonight Alan got a badge for the rank of squire in R.A.’s.  There were several girls who got queens.  Roger Swann and Edna Huskinson had charge of the service.  This afternoon M.G. went into town to play basketball.  His team won one game and lost one.

Mom had a competitive side.  She was pretty good in most sports she played.  She excelled in ping-pong.  She would never mount much of an offense but her defensive game was superior.  I have seen men that played her reduced to shambles just by her simple yet consistent defense.  I am sure there is a lesson in this memory that God wants me to learn today.

R.A.’s is the Baptist equivalent of Boy Scouts.  They want to combine all the outdoors type stuff with Bible knowledge.  As I remember the badge system went page, squire, knight, and king.  The girl’s equivalent was the G.A.’s.

Although Dad was no Pete Maravich he was pretty good at round ball.  Alan did quite well in high school with the game.  However I stunk in Africa and still stink today at hoops.  Although I do have the distinction of slam dunking off a mini-tramp at a Lady Vol home game.  (Check back this afternoon for picture of event.)

1 thought on “August 28th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the picture!!!! This I have to see for myself.

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