August 27th


Friday August 27th, 1965
Limuru, Kenya
The only thing that we had today was morning devotion.  After devotion we went to the game park in Nairobi.  Jim Houser went with us.  As we went through the park a baboon got on the car and rode for quite a ways.  This really did amuse the boys.  The Boyd Pearce family and us ate Chinese food at the Chop Sticks restaurant in Nairobi.  The boys and I rode back to Limuru with Syd.  Tonight Marshall Phillips was the preacher.  He had just returned from furlough so he gave some of his impressions of America and the conditions existing there.

Africa is a land of extremes.  We went on a trip to the game park that is not even ten miles outside of the capital and have a baboon hitchhiker much like the one above ride with us throughout the park.  You can be looking at lions resting on a kill and in a matter of minutes be eating Chinese food at a table in town.  This is why Kenya has such appeal for tourists.  With some of the safari packages you can “rough it” very smoothly indeed.

If you have ever stayed out of the country for extended periods of time you know how culture shock feels.  One of the many problems facing missionaries then and now is how their children will adjust.  From reading Mom’s diaries I have come to realize that my lack of trouble in adjusting related directly to Mom and Dad’s prayer time.  The fact that both Alan and I would leave the nest one day drove them to their knees early and often.  I speak for myself and probably Alan when I say a heartfelt “Thank You!” to my folks for spending that time with God on our behalf.

By the way I love what Alan has done with his hair in the picture for today!

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