August 26th

Tuesday August 26th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I met with Elizabeth and Raheal, two African women and Betty Evans to discuss the women’s work.  Right after lunch M.G. and Ken went trout fishing with Ralph and Sammie Harrell.  Sammie was the only one who caught a fish.  We got a long letter from Alan today, and a clipping from a sports magazine.  Tonight I went to a baby shower for Beverly Curp.  I made her a bib and gave a pair of booties.  My watch is on the blink.

Although Mom could not read a road map to save her life she would not think of doing mission work without a plan.  Throughout her diary she is always meeting women here and taking them to their destination.  She followed this plan when mapping out the direction of her life’s calling.  She somehow knew that God meets us at our point of need and helps us to reach His perfect will.  The road will not always be easy but He promises to be there beside us along the way.

Dad and I went fishing but thankfully we were not providing the evening meal.  Had we been pickings’ would be slim at the house that evening.

I guess most parents love to see their kids get favorable notoriety.  Mom was no exception.  Whenever we got a letter and clipping from Alan we would all sit around the supper table and she would read the letter and pass around the article.  I have said before how proud I am of my brother but I would have liked to have an article or two from “Geeks Quarterly” to hand out about that time, unfortunately they did not deliver to Kenya.

Mom went to the baby shower alone and I am sure she had a good time.  However the comment about her watch leads me to believe that the shower might have run a bit long.  Dad and I probably sat around the house telling fish stories about the one that got away!

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