August 24th

Friday August 24th, 1979
Limuru, Kenya
Mission meeting finished today at 4:30pm.  Afterwards the Donaldson’s came out so that M.G. could show Jan her slides on a screen.  After the service we went to see Ralph, Ros, and Beverly off to America.  Tonight Jack Conley preached at the night service.  He referred to Alan in his sermon.  The subject was “Pleasing our Heavenly Father”.  Mary Horton finally cried tonight after the service was over.  She had not cried since Lorrie left.  We had a good supper at the Assembly tonight.

So Alan gets a byline in Jack’s sermon.  After seeing the subject of the message I think I could share a few thoughts on being the “don’t” illustration.  Possibly Jack knew I was still in country and it would be in bad taste to use two Duncan boys in the same sermon.

I have mentioned before that serving on the field makes one as close as family.  My folks and the Horton’s were a good example of the “family” bonds that get formed.  Our folks always tried to be strong model s to us kids and yet obviously they had and have powerful feelings that must be combated.  Mary knew that she could let go and our mission family would rally round her and give her the support, comfort, and strength to face a new day.  Yesterday school started at University of Tennessee and it reminded me of the day I saw my folks hop a plane to East Africa while I turned, left the airport, and started my new life here in the USA.  Life is a journey and I am just glad to know I, like Mary Horton, don’t have to face things alone.

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