August 23rd

Saturday August 23rd, 1969
Nairobi and Limuru, Kenya
This morning I tried to have waffles for breakfast, but they stuck to the iron.  I ended up having pancakes instead.  Most of the parents picked up their children by 10 o’clock so I began to pack for mission meeting.  For lunch we had left over barbecue.  After lunch we took our boys downtown and bought them each a pair of tennis shoes (9.90 shillings each) and Ken a pair of Moon Shot dress shoes (69.00 shillings) and Alan a pair of safari boots (25.00 shillings).  We got to mission meeting just in time for supper.  After supper we had the talent show.  Alan and Ken sang with the Moore boys.  It was good to see everyone again.

It was a birthday sleepover at the Duncan’s.  There were a total of 10 boys that stayed at the house that night.  According to Mom’s diary we stayed up very late which meant that Mom and Dad were up late also.  I am sure by the time waffles started sticking to the iron tempers were wearing pretty thin.

I am still trying to figure out why Alan got presents on my birthday but get them he did.  I know exactly why I got them on his birthday, because I deserved a gift for putting up with him for another year!

Needless to say Alan and I were styling in our new shoes on the first day of mission meeting.  I only hope that I wore the Moon Shot dress shoes during the “talent” show in order to distract from my melodious singing voice.  The last line of Mom’s diary entry today was not lost on me.  She usually said what a good job her sons did whenever we participated in an event like this one.  Today, well it was just good to see everyone.  Congratulations were conspicuous by their absence!

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