August 21st

Saturday August 21st, 1982
Knoxville, Tennessee and Greeley, Colorado
This morning we left Knoxville at 9:30am to come to Denver.  Ken took us to the airport.  We got up to Greeley about 2:30pm and saw Alan right away.  He had to leave on the bus at 3:30pm to go to Denver to get ready for the game.  We went on pretty soon after we got checked into the Motel-6.  Denver Broncos were playing Miami Dolphins.  Alan got to kick off only once.  He was number 3 in line to get to do the kicking.  Each time when they were near enough for a field goal they would lose the ball.  During the warm ups he slipped and fell twice so he was nervous about that.  His kick-off was very good.  We went to Denver and ate after the game.

Mom and Dad made a road trip to see Alan play in the pros.  Alan got to play on several pro teams including the Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, and Memphis Showboats (USFL).  Alan’s career in the NFL did not go as well as he wanted.  I am sure that falling on your rump on national TV inspires confidence in your coach.  Alan got cut from the team a few days later much to Mom’s chagrin.  Later on he had a pretty good run in the USFL playing with Reggie White.

Mom and Dad ate at the Casa Bonita and said it was quite a show.  Both of them said the food was pretty good too.

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