August 20th

Sunday August 20th, 1978
Limuru, Kenya
This morning about 9:30am Randy and Betty came in form Mombasa.  They had ridden the train all night.  We had breakfast food left so they ate some.  We had to have a quick lunch for we had to leave here at 12:15 to take Alan to the airport.  We got there in plenty of time.  His suitcase weighted 65lbs but they let him go on through with it.  It was sad as usual to see him leave but we all took it better this time.  Alan led in prayer just before he left so this touched me very much.  I’m so pleased though that he feels the need to call upon the Lord.  I will pray for him daily that he will grow as a Christian and be a good influence on the team members.  It was so wonderful having him here this summer.

Randy and Betty are my cousins and they served in Rwanda and Kenya as journeymen.  It was neat having relatives serving on the field with you because you shared two common bonds.

The Bible says, “Her children arise and call her blessed” Proverbs 31:28.  I know Mom went to sleep this night with a certain peace in her heart.  She and Dad had poured 20 something years into my brother’s life and he had shown that some of that wisdom had stuck.  Her prayers for his influence on his team members also bore fruit that year and continue to do so even now.  Alan is now a full time missionary who has devoted his life to serving Christ, his family, and the world.  When you read this post today stop a minute and pray that Christ will continue to use Alan as He used Mom and Dad in his chosen field.  I, also, am extremely proud of my brother and what he has done through Christ.  Everyone has their chosen calling and all God wants us to do it find it, embrace it, and start living it this very day!

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