August 19th

Friday August 19th, 1966
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Margie and I washed clothes and tried to get our things organized.  We had several of the missionaries over for coffee.  M.G. and Ray Milligan went hunting to get animals for our barbecue tomorrow night.  He shot one and Ray shot three of them.  Alan and Kenny have really enjoyed playing with all the M.K.’s today.  Tonight Margie and I had waffles for supper.  This afternoon I worked on my VBS stuff for a while.

We were getting ready for mission meeting so we had traveled from Mombasa to Limuru a few days early.  During our first tour mission meetings comprised of the entire East African group.  We saw old friends and made new ones from Uganda, Tanzania, and some of the more remote parts of Kenya.

I have long said that one of Mom’s gifts was that of entertaining.  She had a knack of making people feel right at home anywhere she was.  She accepted this gift and never did I hear her complain that she wished for any other.  Mom already knows the impact this gift had on the people around her because she learned the instant she passed through the gates of glory.  I only hope and pray that I can find and practice my God given gift with as much expertise as she did.

Mission meeting was a great time for the kids also.  Alan and I found many lifelong friends there on the “red rover” field.  Those who have been to Brackenhurst know right where I am talking about.  We were staying with the Bateman’s before the meetings started so we got to enjoy some good home cooking as well as great fellowship.

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