August 18th

Monday August 18th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning when I got up to go in the kitchen I missed Mammaw.  We were really sleepy after being up so late last night.  This afternoon I went to Kibubuti for the women’s meeting.  There were 4 present.  Tonight at 12 o’clock M.G. talked to Charlie and found out that Mammaw had arrived safely.  We found out that John and Myrtle were in the hospital from an automobile wreck.  It was not serious they just had sore ribs.  We also learned that Alan was speaking in N.C.

What do you do when you get the chance of a lifetime?  You check and see if you are man enough or women enough to grab it with both hands.  Mammaw Duncan was just such a lady.  She arrived in Kenya on January 26th 1980 and departed Africa on August 17th 1980.  At this time Mammaw was in her late 70’s yet she hopped aboard a plane to fly to a land she had only heard about from her son.  I am sure before she left her friends and relatives said, “Don’t you know in a few years you will be 80 years old!  You can’t go traipsing around the globe now.”  I would be willing to bet that Mammaw thought for a minute then said with a smile, “I’ll be 80 years old in a few years anyhow why not travel!”  I have experienced some things in recent days that have given me a new outlook.  Life either happens to you, or you happen to it.  I prefer the latter.  Christ did not call us to stay but to go, whether next door, down the street, or around the globe He said go!

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