August 17th


Tuesday August 17th, 1965
Jinja, Uganda
M.G. and I went downtown to look over the place this morning while Web did his work.  I had me a Ugandan dress made for 45 shillings.  We went to see Owen Dam which is the beginning of the Nile River.  It is a very pretty place.  We toured the local candy shop here.  They gave the boys a free sucker and a bag of candy.  The factory wasn’t very clean.  The sugar cane growing in the fields was very pretty.  Arthur (the African pastor) came over tonight and brought his wife to meet us.  To the African I’m “Mama Alan”.  They refer to the wife by the name of the oldest child.

Dad and Mom take a field trip into Jinja to see what’s cooking.  Mom being all women made a purchase before the day was too far gone.  In 65’ that 45 shillings was worth about 7 bucks, in today’s dollars she spent less than a dollar.

How many children can say they have seen the headwaters of the Nile?  Growing up in Africa although sometimes hard does have its perks.  Alan and I were more thrilled with the free candy at the time I am sure.

This custom stems from the importance that bearing a child holds in the African culture.

1 thought on “August 17th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    That picture is absolutely breathtaking!! I just can’t fathom all the wonderful things you have seen and done.

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