August 16th

Tuesday August 16th, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we all got up feeling a little better after having a good night’s sleep.  We had a station meeting which began at 9:45 and lasted until 12:20.  Then Margie Bateman, Rosalind Harrell, Marie Taylor, and I met until 1:00 to work out the menu for the mission banquet.  I tried to sort out Ken’s room and get it ready for the Houser’s who will be staying with us during mission meeting.  Dale Hooper came by this afternoon to pick up a projector and he ended up eating supper with us.  We only had sausage gravy and biscuits.  Ken went out tonight to practice his part for fun night at mission meeting.

Alan left for the US yesterday and Mom and Dad were missing him already.  Most parents don’t send their kids over 9000 miles away without some angst.

The Limuru station was hosting mission meeting this year like they did every year I was in Kenya.  The compound (Brackenhurst) where we lived used to be a country club so housing missionaries from all parts of Kenya was not a big problem.  With the men in charge the meeting lasted almost 3 hours but Mom and the ladies knocked out the most important plans in less than 30 minutes.  After several years of throwing parties for Alan’s class she was a professional party planner.

It seems that every time I pick a day when Mom was cleaning she is tackling my room.  I promise that I am not that big a slob.  Even though they fed us at the main cafeteria staying at the Duncan’s during mission meeting was a plus.

Dale Hooper timed his visit to coincide with supper and showed no visible disappointment when only sausage gravy and biscuits hit the plate.

I have always been a ham (read show off) so I would tend to get outspoken roles in any and all skits planned for gatherings.  This tendency to be a ham has not slackened in the past 30 odd years by the way.  I still tend to want to be the life of the party, even when there is not one!

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