August 15th

Sunday August 15th, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went to the Uganda Mission’s Church service at 9 o’clock while I was working in the nursery.  Jim Hooten preached.  He preached tonight also.  I was right the boys didn’t like the ham salad.  We heard today that the Holloways got in last night.  Jane told Margie Bateman that there was a washer and dryer in the house now.  I was glad to hear this, for when we first heard about the house we heard that you were unable to have a washer there because of the “perk” system being bad.

The Hooten’s have always been one of my favorite missionary families.  Uncle Jimmy always had some crazy story to tell and they were all hilarious.  His son and Alan are best friends even today.

This is a red letter day in the life of the Duncan’s.  Today, Mom made a recipe that we did not like.  Not only did we not like this concoction but even our dogs turned their nose up when we tried to feed it to them.  I do not know where Mom found this delicacy but we made sure to destroy the directions so it could never be reproduced.

Whenever I hear Mom describe something technical I always get a chuckle.  Mom was an excellent cook, except for the above mentioned salad.  She played a mean game of ping-pong; she could sew, and even on occasion change car tires.  However, her talents did not lie toward any of the technical skills.  I would have loved to hear her explain what it meant to not “perk” well.

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