August 14th

Thursday August 14th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I went to the business session, and just as tea time began Ken and Sammie Harrell came walking up to me and Ken said, “Where is Dad?”  He was white as a sheet.  He wanted to know where his Dad was.  Finally he told me that he had been in a car wreck.  He had walked over a mile when a British guy picked up him and Sammie and brought them here.  One of our journeymen was driving the car.  Andrew (the British boy) was in the front seat.  We took them all to the hospital for X-rays.  We finally got home about 3 o’clock and had some lunch.  Tonight was the adult banquet, and we really got rushed at the last minute trying to get the salad together.  We went to bed thankful that Ken was not hurt bad.

Once I got over the shock of almost dying this turned out to be one of the more funny experiences I had while in Kenya.  I will not go into the gory details except to say that I got a dislocated shoulder and broken rib out of this deal.  The hi-jinks began at the hospital.  While getting X-rayed I mentioned to the tech that I thought I might faint.  She informed me that this was not the place to do that and ran from the room.  We finally got x-rayed and sent home to convalesce in the comfort of friends and family.  Later that week I had to go and give my statement to the Banana Hill Police department.  When I show up for the meeting the policeman says he cannot take my statement today because he must be on the road writing tickets for “matatus” (See picture below).  I told him I would not be available later because I would be returning to Tennessee soon.  He told me that I should deliver his greetings to the police in Tennessee for him.  I must say that I have dreaded the time when I get stopped by the Tennessee Highway Patrol because when I tell him the police in Banana Hill say “Hi” I will probably end up in, if not under, the jail!

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