August 13th

Wednesday August 13, 1975
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I took Ken to Limuru to get Alan’s safari boot sewed so that he could wear them to climb Mt. Kenya.  Also, he bought himself some candy and dextrose for quick energy.  He got off about 12:30pm.  I cleaned on Ken’s room today getting it ready for mission meeting.  I put a bunch of the stuff in the storeroom.  Tonight M.G., Alan, and I went to the late movie, “Serpico”.  It was about a policeman in N.Y. who refused to take bribes.

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hillary

I made two assaults on Mt. Kenya during my tenure in Africa.  This was the first of the two attempts.  I was in Middle school and my Swahili class teacher had put together an expedition to scale the mountain from the back side.  We were not successful this time and I had to wait a few more years to reach the highest point you could go in Kenya without ropes. (See May 17th blog post)  I remember seeing Point Lenana across the valley and realizing that the mountain had beat me this time but like Hillery I could grow and that mountain could not.

Looks like Mom took this opportunity to clean and organize my room.  I am still looking for some of those comfortable shirts that mysteriously disappeared on that trip.

I know Alan and Dad had a tough time getting the plot of “Serpico” explained to Mom on the way home in the car.  But it appears they were successful because she summed the movie up in one line!

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