August 12th

Thursday August 12th, 1965
Limuru, Kenya
Jay Stewart had our devotional this morning.  Then Jack Partain gave us a huge list of books to read on African politics, social life, and cultural.  The Lorne Brown gave us some more good discussion on health and family life as missionaries.  I especially appreciated what he had to say about your child going off to school at an early age for I’m already dreading that part of our life.  Ralph Harrell dismissed us early so M.G. and Jack and Sally went to Nairobi to get some groceries.  I stayed here and did some ironing.  The boys got into and got wet.  Morris Mwenda spoke to us tonight.  He had visited several places in America.

This get together in Limuru must have been the 5 month checkup for Mom and Dad.  The more I live my life the more grateful I am to my parents that they allowed me to exist in blissful ignorance during my early years.  While Mom and Dad are studying tomes on politics and culture Alan and I were deciding which of all the new forms of wildlife we found would make the return trip to Mombasa.  While Mom is coming to grips with how she will leave her children at a school away from home in a strange land, Alan is getting a grip on his younger brothers head so he can obtain Ken’s half of the candy bar that Dad spilt with them this morning.  Our upbringing in Kenya was not all that different from most people’s here in the US.  The only exceptions were your folks did not have to concern themselves with wild animals, tribal disagreements, and being over 9000 thousand miles away from the nearest relatives.

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