August 11th

Wednesday August 11th, 1976
Memphis, Tennessee and Mt. Enterprise, Texas
This morning we left Barbara and C.O. Turner’s house around 8:30 to go to Mt. Enterprise.  We had a very nice drive.  We stopped at Texarkana at the El Chico for lunch.  We enjoyed it very much.  We arrived at the Bunn’s house at 6:45pm.  They had already eaten supper.  It was very nice to see them.  We showed Ken the hospital in Carthage, Texas where he was born.

I am sure the reason we thought it was such a nice trip was because of the lack of pot holes in the road.  So much of driving in Kenya is done on dirt roads where you pick your rut and just try to stay in it.  I know we gripe around April 15th when taxes come due but I can tell you from experience that I do appreciate the roads those taxes provide.

I was almost 16 the day I revisited the place where I first came into this world.  At the time I most likely did not appreciate or grasp the enormity of the moment.  However, today with several years more [I will let you readers do the math 🙂 ] added to the tally I ask myself what have you done with the time you were given and more importantly what will you do with the time that is left?  God has placed each of us here for a reason.  I will continue to align myself with His purpose so that like my Mom, I too will have ended well!

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