August 10th


Thursday August 10th, 1967
Camp (Near Mombasa)
This morning we went to hunt.  M.G., Richard, Robert, and the boys went walking to look for animals, and I stayed in the car to read.  After about 2 hours M.G. and Robert came back and said that two lions came near them so they had all climbed a tree and they had left Richard, Alan, and Kenny in the tree.  This afternoon we went out again, but left Alan and Ken in camp with Kombo.  M.G. shot another zebra about 6:15pm so it was nearly 8 o’clock before we got back into camp.  Richard decided to stay over another night.

Mom’s brevity in today’s post in no way describes the events of the day.  I know when either Alan or I tell this story the lions are bigger, the tree is shorter, and we certainly sound more like heroes.  I know for a fact if I had seen the picture I would have felt a little more trepidation while in the tree.  There are several facts that Mom left out in her haste to complete today’s entry.  When you hear a lion roar and there is nothing between you and them but air they sound a lot louder.  The tree we climbed up was a thorn tree but that did not hamper the first ascent in the least.  I say the first ascent because when all was said and done and we were down and safe Mom made us climb the tree again to take our picture.  The final fact that I will share from that experience is that of the two boys who climbed that tree one was a brave stalwart lad while the other child shed tears of fear.  I will give my readers 3 guesses but the first two don’t count regarding the identity of the wimp.

Alan and I got to guard the camp for the rest of the day.

Yes, Dad shot a zebra.  In our family we had one simple rule when it came to hunting, “You shoot it, and you eat it!”  Zebra does not taste like chicken, more like lean beef.

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