August 9th

Saturday August 9th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning just after breakfast M.G. finished setting up the screen and projector at the assembly for Evelyn Moss.  I mixed a batch of ice cream for the young people’s banquet and let Peter turn it.  Then I looked a pan of peanuts for the banquet and roasted them.  We ate dinner at the assembly.  After dinner M.G. and I went into Nairobi to see Lynn and Dorothy Miller who are out here to go to Uganda.  They are with the Salvation Army, and we knew them in Mombasa our first tour.  Tonight Charles Tope preached at our mission meeting.

Dad was always fixing something for somebody.  I am sure Mrs. Moss appreciated Dad getting things ready for her presentation.

While Dad was fixing things Mom was cooking.

By this time we had lost Robert to greener pastures so we had to break in our new helper Peter.   He must have spoken to Robert before he left because he also refused to taste this frozen delight. (See Robert and the ice cream in April 20th post)

Evidently Mom and Dad got to cook for the banquet but not eat at the banquet.  However, they did get to go to town to meet up with some old friends.

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