August 8th

Sunday August 8th, 1976
Norris, Tennessee
This morning we went to Knoxville to pick up Aunt Emma.  We all went to the First Baptist Church there.  We saw Bobby and Susie Hall there.  They were in Kenya for two years.  Now they have a 5 month old child.  George and Betty Duncan met us there at the church.  We all went out to eat at the Open Kitchen Restaurant there in Knoxville.  Aunt Emma paid for it all.  Alan saw the Clark family who lived close to us at Powell, TN when we were here before.  After lunch we went to visit Mammaw Duncan.  We had a bowl of soup with her.  Alan went over to the school to play basketball.  We saw Mike Seegers for the first time.  He and Donna were together.  Tonight we went to church at Glenwood.  After church Alan went to McDonald’s along with Ken and the Farmer girls to eat.  Mrs. Duncan, M.G., and I went to Shoney’s for pie and ice cream.

I had lunch with Alan, Dad, and Bob Hall the other day.  I think during the course of the meal our uproarious laughter ran everybody away from the tables adjacent to us.  Bob and his wife served on the field with us in Nairobi.  He is a reader of my blog so he might be convinced to share a tale or two.

The Duncan’s always enjoy a meal out on the town.  But, if you want to see true joy abound offer to pay for the repast.

Alan, as always was out trying to be the sportsman of the family.  When you see my attempts at round ball you will understand.  I can, however, play a mean QWERTYUIOP keyboard.

After church the Duncan clan went to separate eating establishments and sadly had to pay for the meals themselves.  Oh well, there is always next time.

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