August 6th

Saturday August 6th, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning I shampooed my hair and tried to straighten up the boy’s room.  Molly called for me to keep her children while she took Stacy to get some stitches taken out of his head where he had fallen on a piece of coral.  This afternoon M.G. took the boys for a walk on the beach.  After he got home he and I went to the “fundi” to get my Asian dress.  It was ready.  After we got home while I was fixing supper M.G. played some softball with Alan and Ken and some of their British friends.  We went by Jean and Maxine’s house and they had quite a bit of their furniture up.

It is important to note that Mom tried to straighten up our room.  Alan and I are not natural slobs but we can leave certain items of clothing here and there for extended periods of time.  Once Mom tried to convict us about cleaning our room by quoting the “Bible”, she said, “Now boys, the Bible says cleanliness is next to Godliness!”  Alan and I immediately sensed an opening and asked her for the reference to that particular scripture.  This ploy only gained us a short reprieve until Dad got home later that day!

I am sure that it was just coincidence that Dad took us on a beach walk the same day Stacy got his stitches removed.  Nevertheless, I sure we were warned about the dangers of coral and close contact with human skin.  Today they would have probably fined Stacy for ruining the ecosystem of that Mombasa shoreline.

“Fundi” means expert in Swahili.  Mom was getting an Asian sari made so she could blend in with the locals.  Unfortunately, she had to travel with me in tow so blending with the Asians was not going to happen.  (See Post on April 19th)

I am sure Dad would have much rather taught the British the finer points of Baseball, but seeing as gloves were in short supply he would have to be happy with softball instead.  They did ok but wanted to break for tea like they do in Cricket after the 2nd inning!

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