August 5th

Tuesday August 5th, 1969
Nairobi, Kenya
We left for our first hunt today.  We took Joakim, one of the students at the center to watch the camp and to help.  The road was very rough into the hunting area, and it was extremely dusty.  Soon after we got the tent up, M.G. killed a Grant’s gazelle, and later a Kongoni.  We didn’t sleep to good for we kept hearing hyenas.  Too, it was very cool out in this area after the sun went down.  I fixed a real good stew for supper.

This was the first hunt since coming back from America.  Looks like Dad retained his keen hunting senses while on furlough in the USA.  I always enjoyed the hunting trips we took in Africa.  That must be why even today I love to watch anything that pertains to wildlife on cable TV.  I will admit to a certain smug feeling when they show Africa and I can say “oh, been there, done that!”  What is harder to admit is that it has been over 25 years since I have set foot in my adopted homeland.

 Kongoni (AKA Hartebeast)

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