August 4th

Wednesday August 4th, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning all the boys were up and at it for breakfast and seemed to sleep well.  M.G. took them home and took Alan by the doctor to get his cast changed.  He took the cast off completely and put tape on his hand.  This afternoon M.G. took me to Kambaa to the women’s meeting.  I let them begin on their table cloths.  I left one of the women in charge.  The pastor showed us the plot that the government had given for our church.  It seems to be located in a very nice place.  Tonight Alan and Ken and the Jones boys are sleeping out in the tent.

Against all odds looks like the Duncan boys survived the night outside.  I am sure Mom and Dad were betting they would hear a knock on the door in the wee hours of the morning from some cold campers.  The only odd thing I remember about this adventure was waking up with my pet dog curled around my feet inside my sleeping bag.  “Punk” always was one to take advantage of a comfortable spot.

Alan got the third cast removed from his arm today and came home with just some tape for support.

Mom always tried to shape her projects to things that the women could use.  Table cloths are big deals when most of the folks around do not even have tables.

Alan and Ken prepare for another night in the “wilds” of their backyard.  Dad constructed the tin roof lean-to for our camp outs soon after this occasion.  See aforementioned July 3rd post for location of camp site in close proximity to my folk’s bedroom windows.

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