August 2nd

Saturday August 2nd, 1975
El Capricho Cottage and Limuru, Kenya
We left the cottage this morning around 9 o’clock.  When we got into Mombasa, the Land Rover was actually ready.  We took Ed’s car back to him and got D.K.’s car.  We bought Kentucky Fried Chicken to eat on the way.  Robert’s friend gave him a chicken, so we had to ride all the way here with a live chicken.  The Land Rover made the trip fine, but when we got here it would not go into reverse.

We took a car into the shop to be fixed and they actually fixed it.  Mom’s surprise is almost as evident as mine.  Good mechanics in Kenya were few and far between but we must have found a good one in Mombasa.  This is not entirely the Kenyan’s fault because there are not near as many cars per person as here in the USA.

There are many ways that a live chicken in a car full of people could pan out.  I will let your imagination fill in the details of what went on during the several hours we were on the road together.  In defense of the poor chicken he did have to stand by and watch us devour his brethren with obvious glee.  I would probably get a little uneasy also given the same circumstances.

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