August 1st

Monday August 1st, 1966
Mombasa, Kenya
Today was a bank holiday so I let Robert off.  Helen and I got up late, so soon after breakfast she left for home.  Molly and I went to town.  I got a letter from Mrs. Duckett.  This afternoon at 2 o’clock I went down to Molly’s house to give her a permanent.  Tonight she and I took the kids to the drive-in to see “Tarzan and the Three Challenges.”  She made hamburgers for all of us and I made enough lemonade for all.  After the movie we went by Helen’s house.  Joe Gatlin and family were for the night.  They are on their way to America for furlough.  Their little girl came to Molly’s house to spend the night with Mona.  Tonight is the first night that I have stayed alone in Africa.

Dad was gone to the big city so the girls had to fend for themselves.  First thing on the agenda SLEEP LATE!

Movie night was a rousing success.  How could it be anything but?  The combination of homemade hamburgers, homemade lemonade, and “B” grade action flick had all the ingredients for a grand evening.

The real reason I chose to post this day was Mom’s last comment.  She was probably nervous and a little scared but she knew that the God that brought her to Africa was perfectly capable of keeping her safe once she got there.  Good lessons for then and now.

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