July 31st

Thursday July 31st, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went to the CDA meeting.  I cooked lunch today for Alan and Virginia Neely.  This afternoon M.G. made some benches for our church at Muguga and took them down there.  Mammaw and I went to the post office and I got a letter from Mom, on the way back a mattress fell from a taxi in front of us.  Tonight the Blakely’s took us and the Joneses to eat at Marinos.  A man fell while we were eating.  A piece of board fell over and it sounded like a gun.  We heard that Mr. Spurlock a pilot in Zaire crashed and died.

Mom was exercising her talent in cooking again.  People who say God could never use my talent on the mission field have never placed their feet under our table.  Mom’s cooking and the atmosphere of love that surrounded her kitchen drew people into our home from miles around.  Some just came for the chow but most came for the wisdom that bubbled forth with each helping of home cooked victuals.

Dad was always trying to help the local churches help themselves.  He learned early that people have to have some part in helping grow their church or they will not be faithful.  This is a good lesson for congregations here in the USA also.

Traveling anywhere in Kenya was always and adventure.  From falling beds to impromptu road block you never really knew what a trip would bring.

Marinos was one of the nicer places to eat in Nairobi I can personally attest to the quality of the food that they put on the table.  That statement bears quite a lot of weight since it came from a Duncan known connoisseur.

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