July 30th

Thursday July 30th, 1981
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning the Harrell family went to Twiga Lodge to goggle.  M.G. and I went walking on the beach.  Ken went down to the Lasses and their daughter Kim cut his hair.  Ros mixed up dough for hamburger buns and I rolled them out.  After lunch we went out to the Mosque near the beach.  The waves there were so strong that I couldn’t stand up.  Even M.G. and Ken had a hard time.  Tonight I fixed lobster therimodor for supper.  Ros fixed lemon ice box pie.  Tonight Ken had a date with Kim Lasse.

One of the great things about the Kenyan coast is the reef structure.  While not the Barrier reef in Australia, Kenya boast’s some fantastic underwater sights that must be seen.

The Indian Ocean can also pack a wallop when it comes to body surfing.  Dad and I have ridden some mean waves so if these gave us a hard time they must have been humongous.

Of all the recipes that Mom used over the years this is one of my favorites.  Dad still has the recipe and I will do my best to include it in an upcoming post.

Many years have passed since I received this haircut but I sincerely hope that payment for the service was not a fun filled night with me on a date.  If that is the case, and I am so cheap it could be, I owe Kim Lasse an apology and probably some back interest!

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