July 29th

Thursday July 29th, 1982
Knoxville, Tennessee
This morning when I woke up at 7:00am I went into the living room to turn down the air conditioner and I found our guest, Samuel Kiboza from Uganda down on his knees praying beside the bed.  M.G. took his suit to get it cleaned for him.  His clothes got lost with the airlines.  Too, he showed him through the Kroger Store.  M.G. said that he was more amazed about the soap than anything.  They went to pick up Stephen and Samuel and met Marilyn Johnson at the White Store near us.  They were riding to Morristown with her to meet Don Hill there.  Tonight we ate supper at the home of Elbert and Barbara Griffith.  Her mother Murnie Loy Holbert and her husband Lynnard were there.  Murnie went to school with M.G.  They are members of Bob Peak’s church.  Sue and Jay came in tonight.

When was the last time you were discovered on your knees in prayer?  I am ashamed to say it has been quite a while for me.  Once more Mom’s diaries give me instruction for daily living.

I can empathize with Samuel and his lost clothes because most M.K.’s have been though the same experience.  Even with today’s computerized tracking stuff still gets lost.  Ask Alan about the missing suitcases during his recent trip to see Betsy get married.

Although I have become a little jaded I can still remember wandering the store aisle in New York when we came in on furlough.  At the time I could scarce believe there were that many different things you could buy.

Don Hill owns a car business in Kingsport and is also very active in the Gideon’s.

Supper with friends, and the expectation of family arriving round out this day in history

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