July 28th

Monday July 28th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
Today Ken went into Nairobi to register for the draft.  M.G. went to play golf with Ken Schlehr.  Today we got a long letter from Andrea and the write-up of the wedding which was in the “Greenville Sun”.  It is so nice to hear from them, and to know that they are happy.

Today’s post records two Duncan boys coming of age.  I register for the selective service and say by signing that paper that I would willingly bear arms in defense of my country.  Next time you see a person that is defending your freedom regardless of your political beliefs please thank them!

Alan also entered into a new dimension of his life with his wife Andrea.  He no longer thinks of what he wants or needs but what we want or need.  We fast forward to today and see this scene played out again with Alan’s eldest daughter.  If we could see in Andrea’s journal now I would bet she echoes the very words Mom penned that day.

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