July 26th

Saturday July 26th, 1969
Nairobi, Kenya
This morning M.G., Kenny, Edna, and I went to the grocery store.  Alan wasn’t feeling good so he stayed home.  This afternoon M.G., Syd, and I went to look at some houses for the Hills who will be out in August.  We saw only one that had possibilities.  Tonight we had Monty for supper.  I had broiled fish, baked potatoes, tossed salad, fruit, and chocolate cake.  Tonight I washed my hair.  The boys wanted to go to the late movie, but we wouldn’t let them go for it was too late for them to be out.

I picked this day to post because it explains like no other I have yet found the folly of youth.  At this time I was not yet nine years old and Alan, only 21 months older than me, could not legally get behind the wheel of a car.  Yet we wanted to attend the late movie.  We had obviously not thought through our plan before we presented it because it went down quickly in flames.  Alan and I got to drown our sorrows in Mom’s chocolate cake and although not first prize this delicacy did help ease the burden of the missed movie!

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